Monday, November 10, 2008

Nasty Post II

This is not so much nasty as a sad one. It has to do with this great picture that has been posted all over the liberal blogs and even by that favorite conservative (though now rather weather-vanish), Andrew Sullivan:

The picture is of all the American presidents and shows what a wonderful change Barack Obama's election has brought to the line-up, and I'm chuffed about that.

Where's the sadness, then, you horrible goddess who won't let us enjoy this moment as it should be enjoyed? The sadness came when I read several of the comments threads at places where this picture was posted and realized that many see the task of getting more diversity to this highest of offices as now completed. And if prodded about that, the response is: "Sure, of course we will get a woman president one day. Sure, once we get a candidate good enough. But of course we will get there one day. Of course."

No excitement in that, no feeling that such a choice would change the world. No urgency at all.