Thursday, November 13, 2008

Floating In Weirdness

This is from a recent O'Reilly Factor:

Summary: On The O'Reilly Factor, Dennis Miller stated of Gov. Sarah Palin: "[M]ostly women on the left hate her, because to me, from outside in, it appears that she has a great sex life." He continued, "I think she has non-neurotic sex with that Todd Palin guy. I think most of the women on the Upper East Side, their husbands haven't been aroused since Mailer signed copy of The Executioner's Song at Rizzoli's back in the early '70s."

I'm floating on this sea made out of pink styrofoam balls and looking at the cardboard sky above. Which is shorthand for being in another reality, a reality where Dennis Miller can state three unsupported assertions in a row (it is mostly women on the left who hate Sarah Palin, the Palins have non-neurotic sex and women of the Upper East Side don't have any sex) and that's perfectly good in a public debate.

Me, I think that Dennis Miller might be a podperson from the planet of Cockheads, that his idea of sex consists of picking a female chicken leg for his dinner and that the last time he ejaculated was when Bush invaded Iraq. Let's discuss those assertions, too, eh?

Note how carefully I didn't add any subtle references to Mailer's Executioner's Song. in my little comparison paragraph.

And yeah, bashing lefty women is perfectly fine with O'Reilly, because he can always pretend that Miller is just a little naughty and that he should have warned all the viewers beforehand that there's going to be just a small interval of misogyny (the problem with those women is that they don't get fucked enough but that's because they are monsters) but of course we can all laugh our way through it.