Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two Problems We Have Right Now by Anthony McCarthy

Every Day Should Be Don’t Talk Like A Sexist Prat Day

Yes, the misogynist boys of the blogs are still there, bonding over their hatred of Hillary Clinton and other women. Yes, they are a blight on the leftist blogosphere, they ARE the exact equivalent of the racists in putrid bloom on Republican blogs. The big difference is that they are damaging OUR effort to push the agenda of progressives, liberals and leftists. By attaching themselves like toxic limpets to Barack Obama, they are creating a problem for his campaign. Clearly their boy bonding is more important to them than his winning the election.

They need to be told to shut up and, since they don’t have very long attention spans, don’t care about the damage they do to the left and can’t be reasoned with, they need to be told to shut up repeatedly. They don’t hear women’s voices, they need to be made to hear them.

They divide us, weaken us and give our enemies ammunition to use against us, and most topically, they damage our candidates. They must be made to feel uncomfortable, they need to be inhibited, they need to be given cooties.

Sexism has to be made an unacceptable form of expression just as racism and homophobia does and that depends on us calling them on it constantly. You can depend on them using the “I was being ironic” dodge when you do, don’t fall for that one. Since the word has been stretched out of any coherence, irony is now the lowest form of humor, it is the last refuge of bigots.

I propose that the randomly chosen day, October 18, 2008, should be “Tell Sexists Blog Boys To Shut Up Day”. Having no organizational talent, spreading the word will depend on others. I hope the habit takes and they are made to feel our anger with them.

Hillary Clinton’s Future Is Too Important To Us, We Can’t Allow Her So Called Supporters To Damage Her.

I've been around politics long enough to know a rump of obsessed monomaniacs often follows in the wake of a strong charismatic candidate but, really, I've never known of such a rump effort to persist in nursing its grudges when that fine candidate has moved on to try to make better use of their time and efforts. I don’t believe most of the so-called PUMAs are really interested in Hillary Clinton’s success. On the blogs, I am just about certain that many of them are actually Republican agent provocateurs.

Hillary Clinton's real supporters are taking her at her word and are now supporting candidates who will further the agenda she set out, and that means electing Democrats next month.

The few who are bent on tearing down her party for revenge, and in response to the likes of those addressed above. I’m afraid they are trying to draft her into what's turning into a Nader-style cult, only without a leader. They do that against Hillary Clinton’s own request, against her will. They are using her just as surely as the blog boys use her, for their own ends. They feed on each other and waste our time and effort, that is the reason I am addressing both here.

I respect Hillary Clinton and believe she means what she says. Something that these other most curious “supporters” don’t believe. More important than what we think, she deserves better than that. She has devoted her life and her enormous abilities to Democratic politics, she's too important to allow her to be damaged by those stealing her identity. If it persists, especially if it succeeds, Hillary Clinton will be the ultimate victim of their efforts.