Tuesday, October 28, 2008

May I Have Some Cheese With This Whine?

I think some Wensleydale would hit the spot right now. Or possibly a nice farmhouse cheese rolled in cracked black peppers. The whine I can provide myself. It's all about the tense last week before the elections and my extreme loathing of any topic having to do with campaign shenanigans combined with the inner librarian who tells me firmly that I should live in the moment and write about only the campaign.

But wait, there's more. Next time I offer to write a series about why feminism is still needed, please get a rubber mallet and hit me with it on the head. Or suggest the Iron Man competition as an alternative. If I had known the energy needs and the emotional wear and tear of that series I would have done it with a fund-raiser so that I'd have the money I need for that month in a darkened room.

Perhaps quite a few of you are tense, too, what with the elections and the roller-coaster of the financial markets? I'm not sure if a support thread for that would be good or bad. Would it be tension-enabling?

To atone my conscience about not writing enough on the elections, here's Pat Schroeder with a message for Colorado voters (and really all of us):