Tuesday, September 30, 2008

WHACK! POW! $%^^$*&!

The conservative Jonah Goldberg, while talking with the conservative Glenn Beck, asks us to think about Harry Reid's slashed stomach and half-starved weasels. I didn't know that it was the Democrats who caused the financial crisis, what with not having been in power when it started and all. But whatever, as they say these days. Though it's probably time for a post with some actual data to point out that the minorities and the liberals are not behind this crisis. To argue that they are is a really desperate attempt to grasp at straws. I guess Democrats are also the reason why the Chinese milk has melamine and so on.

No, my conservative friends. These problems have to do with your free market fundamentalism and corporate crony capitalism.

Added for clarification: I was reading about Howard Rich's threats to people who donate to liberal causes and the supposed threats to conservative donors that had provoked Rich to make his threats. Then I read some of the comments at Politico and started thinking about the cartoon violence character of these debates. It worries me, the dehumanization of the opposition. What also worries me is something I have noticed recently: The commenting communities on quite a few larger blogs appear to have become self-policing and increasingly narrow. Homes for those who think exactly alike.