Saturday, August 30, 2008

What The Media Would Say If Sarah Palin Had Been Barack Obama’s VP Pick by Anthony McCarthy

If Barack Obama had crossed party lines and chosen Palin as his VP pick, by now the corporate media would have:

- Gone wild over her Troopergate scandal. They would have said it was an illegal abuse of power that exposed her as a power hungry woman bent on using the power of her office to destroy her ex-brother in law at the behest of her husband who would also be being revealed to be a danger to the republic by his part in it.

This would have revealed her to be:

- A power mad cop hater who ruined the decades long career of Walter Monegan, a dedicated public servant, when he wouldn’t do her bidding in violation of his legal obligations and his code of honor.

- A hypocritical “reformer” engaged in a major cover up of unethical if not illegal abuse of power through Bush-Cheney style attempts to keep evidence from being investigated. Only the names of Bush and Cheney wouldn’t be used to describe it.

- A jumped up, small town mayor who climbed to power over the political corpses of more experienced politicians. They might mention Lady Macbeth. The public relations stock of many discredited Alaskan Republicans would be rescued in the process, their crimes would all but become unmentionable in the cabloid babble and Sunday morning BS sessions.

- Her children’s names and the number of them would be an issue. They would be proof of at the least terminal ickiness if not some serious mental defect. Dowd, alone, would get at least a half dozen of her instantly produced columns from it. Yes, the one with downs syndrome would be fully used against her. Proof of irresponsibility (late parenthood) etc. Her pursuing a career while having and “neglecting” a disabled child would be a major ‘issue’. Though the more august media would report those as a "it's being said" story.

- Obama would be slammed non-stop for putting the United States a heart beat away from the inexperienced hands a flawed, green, small-town mayor. Handing the nuclear codes to the likes of her would be considered treasonable. The media would suddenly rediscover that it really matters who is president.

- Obama would be accused of going for the Jerry Springer vote. Every effort would be made to turn his choice into proof of irresponsibility, negligence, malfeasance and most damaging of all, tackiness. They would call it proof that his reputation as a reformer, a maverick an advocate of women’s rights etc. was a sham.

- Alaska would be as ‘exotic’ as Hawaii. It would go from the rugged frontier to being marginal and dangerous. It’s entire cultural history would be mined to show that having the president’s understudy come from there would endanger the entire world.

- Getting back to her husband. He would be revealed to be the male equivalent of that Hillary Clinton monster created by the media and Jerry Falwell among others. He would be accused of every possible crime up to and including murder of a close friend for political gain. There would be a complete investigation of his and her sexual histories, those would be created for them if nothing concrete was found.

- Every yahoo they could dig up with any connection to her and her family would be put on national TV to make their charge. C-Span would have their representatives on, this would be the US-BS stamp of approval for the legit media to run with every single story they could invent. How much do you want to bet that some oil billionaire wouldn’t start funding that one immediately.

- Oh, they also would say she only got anywhere because she was a woman. They might mention Lady Macbeth.

And that’s only what I can come up with on short notice. You can take any of the Democratic “scandals” of the past thirty years, change the names, make a few minor modifications and I can just about guarantee you’ll see exactly how the media WON’T be covering McCain's Palin choice. They won't even mention his history with younger women.