Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The hurricane that wasn't (by Suzie)

       You should never go shopping on an empty stomach -- or the day before a hurricane hits. 
       I braved the grocery store Monday, after taking stock of my cupboard, only to find one can of mushroom soup and another of cranberries, left over from Thanksgiving.
      Later, as I filled containers with water, I sang to my Chihuahua: "Wasn't that a mighty storm? Wasn't that a mighty storm in the morning, well? Wasn't that a mighty storm that blew all the Chihuahuas away?"* I like to personalize songs for her.
      Staff at my apartment complex posted notices on all the doors that read: "REMAIN CALM," along with other helpful tips, such as: Get out. 
      Tropical Storm Fay made landfall in Florida again today, without ever reaching hurricane status. I'm glad I didn't have to huddle in the bathroom (no exterior walls), surrounded by canned goods.
*Folk song about the Galveston storm in 1900.