Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Real Men Lead

I learned that from a post entitled "Go Green: 10 Reasons Real Men Go Green." That Real Men Lead is reason no 1.

If that sounds a bit like something Promise Keepers or Southern Baptists might say, well, it is. Only this time it's expressed as something progressive, having to do with the care of the environment.

If Real Men Lead, who is it that follows? Unreal men and women, I guess. But presumably all men want to be counted among the real ones, and that leaves only women (and perhaps children) as the followers.

What's funny about the post is that it's written by a woman. Tsk, tsk. Women aren't supposed to lead by writing posts. Neither are women supposed to define masculinity, as you will learn if you go to the home site of this post and read the comments.