Thursday, July 17, 2008

Read My Gender Gap Series

Please, Washington Times reporters. It's written clearly and it's available for zero cost at my website. If you had read it you would not have written this inane and incorrect thing:

Summary: In an editorial about the pay gap between male and female workers, The Washington Times falsely asserted that "the relevant factors that affect pay -- occupation, experience, seniority, education and hours worked -- are ignored by those citing the wage gap." The editorial also asserted that "women tend to place a higher priority on flexibility and personal fulfillment" than on higher pay. In fact, a GAO study found that a pay gap persists even when controlling for work experience, seniority, education, industry, occupation, race, marital status, and job tenure.

And not only a GAO study but literally hundreds of studies have found the very same thing. More about why a conservative paper would argue otherwise can be found in the third part of my series. The studies are discussed in the second part, and the first part lays out the basic economic theories.

I do get furious when people lie, you know, and ignoring generations of well-made studies and their results is lying. It also paints all economists with the stupid-brush.