Monday, April 21, 2008

Overheard on Saturday

While getting my groceries checked out at a store. It was latish and the workers were chatting with each other. The young woman adding up my bill said to the young woman who was packing the groceries:
"I hate to be a girl. Guys have all the fun, and my dad says that men aren't supposed to do dishes."

The packer:
"Yes, if I could just decide to wake up as a boy tomorrow I would."

Imagine that. Based on the name tags I'd guess that one woman's family came from Russia and the other woman's from India. Is this why they were so bitter? Or could a conversation like this take place between two women from a non-immigrant background?

And I'm glad that you asked: Of course I stuck my foot in. I mentioned that being a woman is just fine; it's the way that women are sometimes treated which is not fine. A little bit of feminist infiltration work there. Go me.