Friday, April 25, 2008

Lingerie football comes to my town (by Suzie)

       In 2003, Echidne wrote about the Lingerie Football League, whose motto is “true fantasy football.” 
       Christopher Martin, its business affairs director, says Tampa will get a team next month. A newspaper article says, "He rejects the notion that women bashing against each other while wearing a bra and panties is in any way degrading." No, of course not, they are empowered.
        If it's not degrading, why don't men play sports in their underwear? If it's not degrading, would all male viewers be happy if their mother, wife, sister, daughter played in such a league? In addition to mixing sex and violence, part of the ick factor is knowing that some men get a sexual charge from watching women do things that the men find degrading.