Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

A promotional video from the Feminist Majority Foundation:

The comments to the video are the usual YouTube quality. I found this one especially interesting, for those who argue that there is no longer any need for feminism:

Feminism exists because LAWS exist to protect you. In the wild, and outside of western liberal democracies, you're MEAT and easily over-powered.

Better stop the nagging and the pettiness and self-love, gals. Better get REAL. We need you because males define themselves (generally) as the opposite of YOU. Humanity itself depends on the balance of our identities.

Show a some more dignity and UNMEDIATED humanity or else society will crumble.

Then, you're just property once more.

Dig it.

That just about defines misogyny, by allowing women two roles: as property, or as a distorting mirror of all that men don't want to be. Ladies, you can choose which of those two you'd prefer. Noice.