Monday, March 10, 2008

This Bothers Me

The heated conversation between those who support Barack Obama and those who support Hillary Clinton produces some rather nasty discussion threads. I'd like to draw your attention to two I came across on Saturday night, within fifteen minutes: One from the Democratic Underground and one from Daily Kos, both places which are very firmly in the Obama camp. These threads were front-paged and recommended, respectively, which means that they were well liked.

Now notice the way in which the terms "sexist" or "sexism" are being used in the posts. Then replace those terms in your mind with similar terms which might apply to racial or ethnic categories. How do the stories read now?

My point is not whether some Clinton-supporters have cried wolf about sexism or not, as a way to prop up their candidate. My point is about the great ease and comfort with which two very liberal sites can make fun of the very idea of sexism.

This explains why the editors at the Washington Post didn't see anything wrong with Charlotte Allen penning a story about the dimness of women. It wasn't worth an apology, just another opportunity for Allen to tell the reading public how much she loathes women. It's kewl to ridicule the very idea that women might not always be treated fairly.