Thursday, March 06, 2008

I Love Thee, Phantom

This is a post about the first loves in the world of blogs, about that wonderful day when you happen upon a blog which speaks to you, really speaks to you! Then it whispers, cajoles, kisses your eyelids and softly blows on the small hairs at your nape. You have found a blog which agrees with you!

Then you are in love. You wake up every morning with the sun, turn on the computer and re-establish that bond. Until, one day, sooner or later, the blogger writes something stupid, something uninformed, something that you strongly dislike. It's a little like that young Adonis in your bed suddenly farting in his sleep.

What then? It's a little bit like real world love affairs. Either you get over that first hump, that first noticeable crack in the beautiful carapace, and you grow wiser and more cynical but you still go on with the relationship. Or the first love is over, the honeymoon is crumbled and you never go back to that perfidious blog again.

And how do I know about this? Because I have been on both sides in this odd love affair. Yes, indeed. But because I blog I have more experience from the blogger side, more melancholic recollections of voices that I no longer hear at the blog, more memories of those horrible times when I revealed the worse side of my profile and lost yet another acolyte.