Sunday, February 03, 2008

Would Nader Even Have An Audience Without Corporate Media? By Anthony McCarthy

Caught Nader on CNN with Wolf a half-hour ago and came back here to post about it. When Blitzer quoted The Nation’s recent article detailing his record of electoral success, of doing nothing except acting as a spoiler, in 2000 and racking up even more laughably tiny vote total in 2004, his response wasn’t that he expected to win the election.

For Nader in 2000 it was all about being denied a media op in a debate and it’s still all about him. His response was that “The Democrats” wouldn’t be able to keep him off of as many ballots next time. What a lofty ambition for a presidential candidate, to lose more states. His target clearly isn’t Republicans, it is Democrats.

I’m not sure that Greens are officially taking part in the folly of Nader’s 2008 exploratory committee, no link, I won’t link to an effort that actively seeks to injure the left. Peter Camejo is listed as a supporter, I’m not sure if others listed are Greens.

Nader rails against the corporations yet it is the corporations that provide him with what he wants, a platform from which to damage the real left. I think the reason that the corporate media has him on is because he’s done their bidding. If Nader didn’t further their goals, they wouldn’t provide him with a platform from which to injure them.

I doubt that John Edwards appreciates Ralph Nader trying to use him to put John McCain or Mitt Romney into office. John Edwards should remove this limpet from his reputation as soon as possible.

I also wonder how Michael Moore feels about Ralph using his movie “Sicko” as a fund raising effort on his site. As I recall, Moore wasn’t enthusiastic about his 2004 “run”. What Steve Kinzer is doing on Nader’s list of come-ons? Weird.