Monday, February 18, 2008

Today's Deep Thought

I was surfing the liberal blogs yesterday, trying to avoid vacuuming, and came across a troll comment saying roughly this about Hillary Clinton:

No white bitch will rule over me. Obama or nothing.

Now, it's primary time and emotions are heated and many believe that the White Bitch is the trademark of Hillary Clinton (thank you, sexists in the media for that), and the troll won't get "nothing" if neither Obama nor Clinton gets elected the president of the United States. The troll will get John McCain.

But it occurred to me that the first sentence in the quote is a good rough definition of anti-feminism. If you replace the adjective "white" with, say, "fat" or "ugly" or "old" or "rich" or "greedy" or "frigid" or "black" or "yellow" or whatever nasty things women are supposed to be you get a fridge magnet for all those Men's Rights lads. The definition is rough both in the sense that the language is crude but also in the sense that a full definition would include something about the lads ruling over the bitches instead. Perhaps that's the reason why the occupation of a pimp has reached mythological levels of admiration in all sorts of odd places (Peoria?).

I'm not making some jaw-gaping new observations here. But it's useful to remember that many anti-feminists like women just fine (preferably naked and cooking). It's the uppity women they hate.