Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Story Seldom Told

About the current presidential primaries has to do with the enthusiasm gap or whatever you wish to call the fact that the Democratic primaries attract many more voters than the Republican ones do. This has been true for state after state, most recently in Wisconsin where Hillary Clinton, despite coming second in the Democratic primary, still got more votes than all the Republican candidates put together.

Why are the Democratic primaries so much more popular? Is it just because the race between the two top Democratic candidates is more interesting or more exciting? Or is it because those who vote in the Democratic primaries are expressing their great unhappiness with George Bush's administration by that act of voting? Or is it all to do with Barack Obama's campaign of change and unity? And what does this tell us, if anything, about the potential voting numbers in the general election?

I'm not sure about the answers, but I'd love to see a proper analysis of the enthusiasm gap.