Friday, February 08, 2008

The Fox Dyslexia

It's an odd little feature of Fox News, that tendency to reassign Republican politicians they don't like to the Democratic Party. They did it with Mark Foley during the Congressional page scandal and now they have done it with John McCain. McCain is not a well-liked candidate among the Republican base.

But why would someone bother to play this "R to D" game? It's so very childish. Or does Fox actually have an employee who can't tell the letters apart? And if so, why are they never mixed in the other direction? Or are they and we don't hear about that?

The whole matter is a trivial one, but it explains the difficulties I have with the desire for bipartisanship in the Congress. I am not at all convinced that the Republicans are going to play that game at all. Why else this silly letter game or the equally silly custom of refusing to call the Democratic Party by its proper name and instead shortening it to the Democrat Party? Such practices are not an example of bipartisanship or even of adult politics.