Monday, February 11, 2008

A Feminist Mental Health Tip

Do you get upset, sad or angry when you read bad news about the rights of women or when you come across yet another misogynistic joke or tidbit? If so, what do you do about those grimy feelings?

One of my solutions is to kick holes in my garage door or to split planks of wood with my karate hand (well, to be honest I did that last thing only once), or to make really frightening faces at myself in the mirror (screw your eyes up and make a lion's maw with your mouth to start, then go by your instincts). But a more useful mental health tip is this:

Whenever you cannot shake off something misogynistic you have seen, read or heard, send a small check to your favorite feminist organization. If you have no money to send, e-mail a thank-you letter to one of those unsung hero(ine)s doing the hard work on behalf of world's women.

I love this, because the more the woman haters foam, the more money and emotional support the feminist organizations get. And you will feel better, too.