Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Feminism, Scheminism

The general public has a fairly poor understanding of the different schools of feminism. I have recently heard that Katha Pollitt is a radical feminist, for instance, or that Hillary Clinton is one. I hope that someone else wants to write another piece on the main schools of feminism, because I sure will not do that for no money here. How's that for being reader-friendly and helpful?

Instead, I've been thinking of rebranding feminism into choice-feminism, feminism-lite, feminism-non-fat, feminism-extra-creamy-and-serious and so on. My type of feminism would be called "makes you fall asleep in the middle of an orgasm", but someone has to do that type, too. Which is perhaps another way of saying that I'm the go-to-place for the overthinkers, insomniacs and crossword enthusiasts among feminist readers, the goddess that will lift the heavy rocks nobody else wants to, for fear of what might crawl and slither under them. Me, I think those creepy-crawlers might be edible.

I'm also usually about three days late or three days too early on any interesting topic, but that's probably part of my charm. At least it's something that differentiates my brand of feminism.

(What's the point of this post? It's pointless, just a writing exercise, a desperate plea for my muse to come back home before Valentine's day, a prayer to have writing taste good and not just crunchy and nutritious again. Please, Erato, my love, come back, wherever you are? I'll let you wear my dresses.)