Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Almanac of American Politics and the Cootie Awards

One of the things I collect are old editions of the Almanac of American Politics (oops! I forgot that women don't collect, based on the Evo-Psycho theories). It's fun to read them in the bathtub (only if you own them, of course), and it's especially fun to follow the mental melting of Michael Barone (an editor of the Almanac from the very beginning) over time. In the most recent editions his role appears to have been to make sure that almost every page has something venomous about the Democrats and sissies in general.

I'm awarding him the Scout Boy version of the Cootie Patch. For his fear of anything female in politics. True, he has chosen to call those frightening female things "soggy" or "soft" but my goddess eyes see straight through that. So, for those furious moment of anger among my bath bubbles, here's to you, Michael: