Monday, November 12, 2007

On The Hillary Clinton Tipping Controversy

You can read all about it here. I have sometimes wondered why so many Americans believe that the way politicians tip or treat their family members or pets is helpful for deciding whom to vote for. Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian, you know. It is quite possible for a person you'd never want to have a beer with to be an ok politician. In reverse, I know lots of people who are fun to drink with and great with children or dogs or cats, but I would not sleep a wink if one of them was running this country.

I am not arguing that there is no useful information to be gleaned from the sort of private anecdotes the press seems to love, but their value is considerably less than learning what the politician actually plans to do. Mostly that's what they will try to do, too, at least after ignoring the usual campaign promises which all of them give.

Sometimes I think that we are supposed to view the politicians as prospective suitors and to choose on that basis. Or on the basis of our lizard brains, which might tell some voters that no woman shall ever again tower over them (mommy!) or that no black man should run this country.

In any case, I'm fed up with silly political stories about the presidential candidates. I'd like to hear the detailed policies of the Republican lot. It almost seems as if they have no detailed policies.