Monday, November 26, 2007

Is This Funny?

Shakes points out that rape is now a laughing matter, and presents this example of the genre of humor where violence is funny (she also provides a transcript of it):

Did you find yourself laughing when the three defenders of the environment killed a man and gang-raped a woman? I'd guess that you did not if either murder or rape has ever touched upon your own life. But what about those who are lucky enough not to have the memory of that pain?

I didn't find the skits funny, but then I'm a prude as you all know. Instead, the choices made me try to figure out what it is exactly that the creators of these jokes wanted to accomplish. Is the idea to make environmental protection look like a manly thing to do? Something tough guys might consider, inbetween rape and pillage? Or are they arguing that spoiling the environment is worse than gang-rape or murder?