Thursday, October 11, 2007

Today's Action Alert

Scout Prime sent me an e-mail about a family in New Orleans who lost their home twice:

Kellie Joseph and her 6 children lost their home to Katrina. They had nearly completed rebuilding when someone abandoned a stolen car in their backyard and lit it aflame to destroy evidence. The flames engulfed the home.

A group of Tulane University medical students who heard of this devastating news decided to help the family rebuild again and started a website named Hope in Grace for what is called *Project: Bring Miracle*.

Recently the students contacted me. The online donation effort has reached a standstill after some initial local media attention. It is their hope to reach a wider audience through the Internet. They are asking for online donations to a rebuilding fund specifically restricted for use only in reconstruction.

If you can afford a donation, this family would appreciate it very much. You can donate via the Hope in Grace website and also send the family a message encouragement. It's hard to have your home destroyed twice.