Friday, October 05, 2007

Pachyderms. Or Friday Sillies.

Shakespeare's Sister comments on the new Republican Convention logo, this one:

The elephant does look a bit stunned, with that starry eye. As if it had just been hit on the head with something. But most of the conversation in the right blogosphere is about the color choice. Many believe that blue is the manly color and should be re-appropriated by the Republicans, whereas others see the choice of blue as a sign of appeasement monkeys who try to make people think of Democrats (the blue states stuff) while looking at the elephant. Then there is the whole paradox of red communism and Maoism and the proudly red states. - All fun to watch from the sidelines.

I'm not sure why the elephant is on its hind legs, though. Is it performing a trick? Is it supposed to be attacking, and if so, do elephants attack that way? I would think they just stomp on you.

Jesus' General once made up a yellow elephant logo, for the 101st Republican Keyboard Brigades, those conservative bloggers who are all gung-ho about the war as long as they don't have to go. This one:

His elephant doesn't rear but it is otherwise quite funny.