Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Girl Talk

Maureen Dowd doesn't like Hillary Clinton. Dowd finds her yucky and will not have her in the in-group on the schoolyard. All Dowd's friends will have to diss Clinton now, or otherwise they, too, will be kicked to Outer Mongolia.

I like Dowd's writing style. She's a good writer, but her views on what is relevant political commentary are pretty warped. Well, she probably writes the way she does because it elicits attention. Even bad attention is better than none, they say. Don't they?

In any case, Dowd measures politicians by something that's fairly close to their beddability or their ability to sound like interesting cocktail party guests.

I'm trying to remain aloof and pleasantly sarcastic here, but when I have a little more time I will write a longer and furious post on some of the issues that cropped up in Dowd's most recent column. Though Molly Ivors has done an excellent job on that already.