Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today's Emotion: Grumpiness

Blogging has its own dangers. Some mornings the first links I click on drive me to articles which then drive me headlong into despair. Or at least into feeling as if I'm being eaten alive by gnats with sharp silver forks. Then some other mornings I don't quite understand why I feel like a bear woken up in the middle of her hibernation and without anything to eat, and I must roll back the credits of those mental movies I've watched to figure out what it is that makes me feel so irate.

This morning was of the second type, though going to TownHall to read some wingnut daydreams (which would be my nightmares) didn't help. The underlying reason for all my grumpiness, though is twofold: First, the silly dances being danced by those Very Wise Political Commentators, while real people get killed and crushed in Iraq. Second, and on a much lower instantaneous level of anger, I realized how very little feminism has achieved in some areas, and I did this by simply reading some comments threads on the Britney Spears debacle in places where the commenters don't consist of the kinds of brainiacs I'm lucky to have.

Swimming in the purified waters that feminists and pro-feminists inhabit makes me lose touch with reality in some ways. It's pleasant, of course, even with the anti-feminist trolls. To venture out of this little lagoon into the wider oceans of public opinion shows, though, why feminist rants are still very much needed.

If only I could send a troop of willing fighters in my place. A short surge is all that would be needed, eh?