Saturday, September 29, 2007

Limbaugh Could Eat The Head Off A Baby, Live On Camera

and he wouldn’t get the flack that Move On did. Posted by olvlzl.
Being on record as having said that, despite it's being entirely true, “General Betray Us” was dumb political linguistics, and that George Lakoff and Move on going on the slimy NPR was even stupider politics, I’ve got to ask, where will the phony outrage be for Limbaugh’s latest? He refered to soldiers who have seen what’s happening in Iraq and who say that it’s a disaster are “phony soldiers”. It’s only one in decades of the hypocritical, serial-polygamist, drug addicted, draft dodger’s string of outrageous lines. But you’ll wait forever if you expect to hear the DC media Heathers slam him.

In related matters, Scott Simon has declared that Larry Craig is a victim of a liberal lynch mob. Scotty, boy, where’s your outrage for the gay men and lesbians who are the victims of Larry Craig’s voting record and even worse record of political hypocrisy? Isn't it nice when the DC media takes a poor victim of leftist discrimination under its wing?