Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bush Regime Continues To Give The People Of Iraq The Finger. Posted by olvlzl.

The impunity that Blackwater and other hired thugs of the Bush regime to commit, literally, mass murder in Iraq is as telling as anything about the occupation of that country. The continued insistence of the Bush occupation that Blackwater stay even as it continues its mass killing and the impotence of the government in Iraq to stop them shows just how much of a PR smokescreen the “democracy” Bush envisions is. But, what can anyone really expect of the junta that came to power in the United States through an election rigged by Jeb Bush in Florida. No, I have no intention of forgetting any of this.

We need a full investigation of the use of organized crime as a tool of United States policy, at the dirty war within the dirty war.

Update: If anyone doubts how bad Blackwater is, read this account in the Independent.