Thursday, July 26, 2007

On David Palmer

He is president Bush's nominee to serve on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It would be quite difficult to find a person less suited for that position, but that is the way things usually go with the Bush administration. Mr. Palmer's qualifications for the job are these:

President Bush's nominee to serve on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was himself the subject of at least one complaint of employee abuse in his supervisory role at the Justice Department, eight former department civil rights employees charged Monday.

In a letter asking key senators to block the nomination, the former employees also charged that David Palmer's work in the department's employment litigation section was of poor quality and that he was reprimanded for one performance lapse.

The former employees, including three ex-deputy chiefs of the section, charged that Palmer's "work performance was well below the high standards expected of Department of Justice attorneys."

They said that, as section chief since 2002, Palmer undermined the unit's mission of securing the employment rights of women and minorities in the public sector, while defending employers' rights to discriminate based on religion.

Did you know that the EEOC panel has only one Democrat left?

All this is the old "fox to guard the chicken coop" strategy, but I think most Americans don't know the level of contempt this administration has for their rights.