Thursday, May 10, 2007

One of Those Days

Edited to add that Haloscan seems to be working now, at 9:01 pm EST.

I click on my Sitemeter page (to gloat over my humongous readership numbers) and they have changed the aesthetics of the page so that I have to look for the place to log in and so on. There is no familiarity, nothing that my body memory can use to go through the tasks quickly. But it is new and improved!

That's how you know you are getting old. When things being changed immediately makes you suspect that nothing good will come from it.

Well, at least Haloscan (my comments program) is as schizoid it always was, sometimes working and sometimes not. First it refuses to post my comment altogether, then when I resubmit it I'm told that I already said so, which I didn't, given that the original posting failed. Then I change one word in the comment and resubmit, only to be told that I must wait at least twenty seconds between posts. And all this before I managed to post anything at all. Sometimes it is cookies that it craves. Sometimes it wonders if I really don't know my name. Dear old Haloscan: something unchanging in this ever-changing world.

Oh well.