Saturday, April 07, 2007

This Commander In Chief Business Is Entirely Out of Hand

Bush Ordered Carter Not To Go To Damascus
Posted by olvlzl.
Since when does a failed president get to command former presidents to not visit a country? Bush is, without a doubt, a failed president, By the end of his reign he might have racked up the worst record of any president in our history. He could lose two wars and appears to be willing to go for three. Condi Rice is certainly the worst National Security Advisor and could well also be the worst Secretary of State. Rumsfled, hey, Bush got rid of him. Considering who he keeps on you’ve really got to be a total disaster to get dumped.

As Scott Horton points out it seems to only be Democrats who Bush is ordering to stay out of Syria since he’s been silent on the delegation of Republicans who have been there in the past week. Horton points out:

Rep. Darrell Issa of California - sharply criticized President Bush after emerging from his meeting with Assad, something which Pelosi carefully avoided.

The reaction to Pelosi’s visit has been nothing short of paranoid raving. Her going was as brave as it was responsible. Foreign policy and, more urgently, military policy is careening down hill under Bush. Someone has to do something, we can’t just let the boy king and his courtiers go on like this for another two years. Nancy Pelosi has shown several things that Bush doesn’t have in him, bravery and responsibility, I’ve already mentioned. Most importantly, she’s shown leadership. As much as I hate the term, she’s shown world-class leadership. Thank God someone is.