Sunday, April 08, 2007

Protecting Zygotes And Making Women Chattels

What we have the right to conclude about their real motives as seen in their actions.
Posted by olvlzl.
You would think that the anti-choice side of the abortion debate would be willing to assume a few of the burdens resulting from their stand but that is clearly not true*. While insisting that they have the right to impose unwanted pregnancies on unwilling women, to deny them methods of contraception that are safe and effective, they won’t even face the logical results of their positions when it’s just a matter of them exercising their vestigial reasoning abilities.
Once while making some of the arguments posted here about the position of the Bush regime on stem cell research an enraged anti-choice fanatic accused me of “nitpicking the tiniest details”. Unfortunately the irony of the charge didn’t occur to me until later. Or considering the size of the guy, maybe it saved me a wired jaw.

While a bit less like picking at nits, this article exploring some of the inescapable results for the stand that zygotes are fully human and thus absolutely required to be treated as such by society and the law makes some excellent points. This is ammunition in the continuing war on women and the right to their bodies. Since the anti-choice side insists that zygotes have rights that superceed the most basic ownership rights women have to their own bodies, we have the right to repeatedly, fully and as strenuously as we can to force them to answer any and all logical consequences of their stands. Since their organized effort results in their control and so effective ownership of womens bodies- exactly the same practical results of slavery- we have a moral responsiblity to force them to face all of the results of their position. The article points out that George Bush is a hypocrite on this issue even as he makes gestures around the margins by vetoing efforts to promote stem cell research. It’s time to call them on these issues and force them to answer for their positions.

* This isn’t even mentioning that conservatives are constantly slashing at even basic nutrition and healthcare services for pregnant women and their children. The logical conclusion you can draw from that fact along with their position on choice in abortion and contraception is that protection of fetuses and infants isn’t their real goal. That leaves controlling women’s bodies, aside from the obvious pleasure they get from making people miserable.