Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One Must Not Spread Despondency

The country of Borogravia has been at war for a long time. It is losing, to the point that the last regiment the military can recruit consists of a troll, a vampire, and a bunch of other recruits hiding yet more monstrosity: they are all female.

This is in a fantasy book by Terry Pratchett, entitled The Monstrous Regiment. I read the book a few days ago. Whenever Pratchett mentioned that it wasn't legal to say that Borogravia was losing, and losing badly, because saying so caused despondency I laughed aloud. This is of course what we are hearing right now in the U.S. of A. from the wingnuts. The U.S. may not be losing as badly as Borogravia, but it sure ain't winning. We are to ignore this and continue cheerleading for Bush's surge.

If you don't believe me on this, check out the YouTube video which Atrios just posted. It shows Michelle Malkin, a conservative blogger, as a cheerleader spelling out the letters L, O, S, E and R to make up "Democrats", pretty much. One. Must. Not. Spread. Despondency.