Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nappy-Headed Hos

From Imus in the Morning, yesterday:

IMUS: So, I watched the basketball game last night between -- a little bit of Rutgers and Tennessee, the women's final.

ROSENBERG: Yeah, Tennessee won last night -- seventh championship for [Tennessee coach] Pat Summitt, I-Man. They beat Rutgers by 13 points.

IMUS: That's some rough girls from Rutgers. Man, they got tattoos and --

McGUIRK: Some hard-core hos.

IMUS: That's some nappy-headed hos there. I'm gonna tell you that now, man, that's some -- woo. And the girls from Tennessee, they all look cute, you know, so, like -- kinda like -- I don't know.

Imus is an asshole. No, let me correct that: Imus is covered with assholes. He has them where other people have a mouth and eyes and ears, and they all seem to work the same way the ordinary asshole does.

He is also a sexist and a racist, but that seems to be the par on right-wing talk shows.