Monday, April 02, 2007

More on Eric Keroack's Resignation

Keroack was the head of the federal family planning program. He was an appointment Bush meant to assuage the fundamentalist base. A guy who believes in abstinence and no abortions and who used to work for an organization which thinks that contraception degrades women. These are the qualifications that get you the job of running the federal family planning program! Now, the faith-based world we live in is tragedy for many of us, but it sure gives lots of comedy for blogging.

In any case, Keroack resigned very suddenly last week, and all we were told is that his private practice in Massachusetts was being sued by the state Medicaid program (the program which funds health care for certain groups of poor people, mostly those with young children). Here is a little more on that suit:

A spokesman for the Massachusetts Office of Health and Human Services, Juan Martinez, confirmed the agency had a "pending matter against the doctor" that "dates back a few years," but declined to offer details because the process has not been completed. Most of the department's investigations involve fraudulent Medicaid claims.

When I wrote the first post on Keroack's resignation I initially had stuff about it probably being a matter of money, because that is what conservatives tend to stumble on, in my humble opinion. But then I took out my speculations, trying to be a reliable goddess-blogger.