Saturday, April 07, 2007

Blogswarm against theocracy Easter Weekend

Posted by olvlzl.
The blogswarm called for Easter weekend on Mock, Paper, Scissors is a good idea and one that should be continued for the duration of the attack of the theocrats. I endorse it even if it's bound to contain some content I think is counterproductive.

This is an emergency. For the left, we’ve got real problems with fundamentalists, here and now. We don’t have political capital to spend on getting involved with this nonsense. We have to defeat the religio-fascists politically and that will require everyone, progressive believers and non-believers alike. Getting involved in unsolvable arguments is worse than a waste of time, it will end up with us divided and so the success of the fundamentalists.

here are millions of religious people in the United States who oppose theocracy. If there weren't then the separation of church and state would never have held as long or as well as it did. Now that even the de facto non-establishment of religion is under attack by the Supreme Court itself, the entire body of people who support the wall of separation have to hold together or we will be divided. The theocrats and those who want to use them to gain power are the only ones who will benefit from that.