Monday, March 12, 2007

We Need Fire-Breathing Dragons

Media Matters for America has come up with another analysis of the guests invited to the Sunday political talk shows. They are still largely conservative, more conservative and most conservative. Wingnuts, in short. Which reminds me of a cartoon I saw somewhere, about two guests invited to be on Fox News. First the liberal was introduced and he muttered something one could hardly read. Then the conservative was introduced and a big flame of fire erupted out of his mouth. Every cell of the cartoon had the same thing happen, which was very funny, because that's how Fox News are.

Back to the need for fire-breathing dragons of the left. It's not just that these programs don't have enough liberal/progressive guests. It's that they don't have any fire-breathing lefties. These people are needed, because the presence of the fire-breathing righties pulls the apparent center towards the right. We need to pull back.

I could learn to breathe fire, I think.