Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Republicans Have Got Nothing

Posted by olvlzl.
Several things are clear from the hearings before Henry Waxman’s committee yesterday. First is that Valerie Plame Wilson is by far more credible than any of the professional liars that the Republicans and their media have put forward. And why shouldn’t she be? While they’ve been in the U.S. building their careers as flacks, hacks and wacks she was maintaining cover as a spy, trying to discover the truth in service to her country. The Toensings of America enjoy the massive media establishment PR machine to pretend that they’re credible. Plame Wilson was pretty much on her own maintaining cover in what must have been pretty dangerous conditions. What is pretended to be Toensing’s cred hangs on her having been a hack staffer decades ago and a constant mouthpiece of Republican talking points with memorable hair ever since. Does her law degree make her any more credible than the C list hack, Morton Kondracke? It shouldn’t after yesterday’s assertions that Plame Wilson wasn’t a covert agent. That was, to put it entirely plainly, a lie told under oath. It was a lie with the cowardly assertions and conditional statements that are the hallmark of legal casuistry.

Another thing that is clear, Toensing is the best that the Republicans in Congress and the Bush Junta have to offer by way of defense. Her lies will be spread all over the cabloids and right-wing hate talk radio but, for people who are interested in reality instead of lies, they will be confirmation that the Bush regime has turned the United States Government into a lawless, irresponsible and vengeful rogue state. For them even winning isn’t the only thing. Getting their hands on the U.S. government and stealing everything they can is. That is the key to understanding the Republican rule of the last six years.