Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Post That Died (File Under Trivial)

A lovely spring day here. I was walking the dog in the woods and just enjoying breathing in the promise of better days to come when a great political post idea struck me. One of those which is obvious when you finally look at it in the face but which is hard to spot, initially. One of those that would guarantee my immortality as a blogger. Get it?

By the time I got back I had forgotten it. How can I forget the post that was supposed to make my fame immortal? Universe loves coyote-the-trickster humor, methinks. As a punishment I'm not going to do the vacuuming today. Take that, universe!

A few weeks ago I was typing a post for the TAPPED blog, laughing at the wonderful funniness of it. Then I pressed the SAVE button. Or so I thought, but my fingers decided that the DELETE button would be even funnier to press. And no, I had not saved the post, because the muse came upon me suddenly and with the full intoxicated seductive charm only he has.

Somewhere there is a wonderful world of all those lost ideas and deleted posts.