Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow in the U.K.

The radio tells me that London has a lot of trouble with the few inches of snow they have right now. Understandable, given how rare snowstorms are there. But it reminds me of something that happened to me while I lived in England and was to give a seminar paper. I was very worried and uptight beforehand, and spent the previous day rehearsing in the privacy of my room, out of contact with the world in general.

When the time set for the seminar arrived, I went into the assigned classroom with all my handouts and papers, sat down and waited for the rest of the people to turn up. And waited and waited.

Finally I went to look for the cause of my solitude and found out that the university had been closed down due to snow. True, there was some behind one of the doors. About a pint or so.

Did you find that funny? I bet it depends on what kind of a weather you are used to. Perhaps you prefer to hear about my first summer in the U.S., a hot summer. I walked around in my black turtleneck sweaters and jeans for quite a while and spent some nights sleeping on the cool tiles of my bathroom (learned that from my puppy). Then I caught heatrash and finally learned how one handles hot weather.

Though I still prefer snow.
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