Friday, February 09, 2007

On Blogrolls and Cinnamon Buns

I really, really want a cinnamon bun, right now. It's cold here and a bright sunny day and the one thing that keeps me from perfect bliss is the lack of a cinnamon bun. Blogrolls just won't work.

But blogrolls are the topic of the day because Marcos (the guy who is supposed to be our hivebrain in the anthill of the rabid lefty blogger lambs) has cleaned out his blogroll (thereby deleting memememesobme!). This diary has more on it. Do you know what? I don't mind me being deleted at all, because I don't blog on electoral politics and that is what Marcos is interested in. Though of course I agree with the diarist on my extreme excellence and such.

In any case, I'm much more a cinnamon-bun-kind-of-girl. Or goddess. I have a lot of trouble with the marketing aspect of blogging, mostly because I can't do it. And I'm lazy. And I'm a dying breed of the one-person-blog type (plus olvlzl on the weekends but then he is all alone, too). And so on.

It's all very boring for someone who is interested in the writing and thinking aspect of blogging, though naturally I want to dominate the whole world and make everything work perfectly. Naturally. But only if it somehow happens without me needing to send e-mails or buy ads. So it is not going to happen.

Life is like that. You have to decide between cinnamon buns and blogrolls. And you have to decide on what you want to write and that limits the number of people who want to read you, too. So.
Added later: Different bloggers have different rules on deciding what to blogroll. Mine is an attempt to offer a selection of blogs which cover politics from the lefty-liberal angle or which address feminism or which offer good writing and funny stuff or a combination of all of these. I also have some sites in the blogroll which are not blogs as such but action sites that might be of interest to my readers.

I don't read all the sites I link to daily, but I do read all of them once in a while. So this is not my personal reading list as much as a list to open up blogs for my readers in general. Other bloggers base their blogrolls on their own daily reads or something different from that or my rules. So be warned.