Thursday, February 08, 2007

John Edwards Writes

John Edwards has made a statement about Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan:

The tone and the sentiment of some of Amanda Marcotte's and Melissa McEwan's posts personally offended me. It's not how I talk to people, and it's not how I expect the people who work for me to talk to people. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that kind of intolerant language will not be permitted from anyone on my campaign, whether it's intended as satire, humor, or anything else. But I also believe in giving everyone a fair shake. I've talked to Amanda and Melissa; they have both assured me that it was never their intention to malign anyone's faith, and I take them at their word. We're beginning a great debate about the future of our country, and we can't let it be hijacked. It will take discipline, focus, and courage to build the America we believe in.

Not too bad, on the whole, given that Edwards must speak politician. I'm glad that he didn't cave in to the wingnut campaign, because caving in just causes Swift-Boating and because those voters who care about the issues William Donohue and Michelle Malkin care about are going to vote for Edwards on the same day that skating rinks in hell open.