Monday, January 29, 2007

From the Cooties Files

What wonderful news to wake up to! Andrew Sullivan reads me! He really reads me! He must, because this is what he said very recently:

Andrew Sullivan and Howard Fineman, this week on the Chris Matthews Show ("Millionaire Pundit Values on a Cable Access Budget!"):

SULLIVAN (1/28/07): I think she's been a very sensible senator. I think—find it hard to disagree with her on the war. But when I see her again, all me—all the cootie-vibes resurrect themselves. I'm sorry—

PANEL: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

HOWARD FINEMAN: That's a technical term!

SULLIVAN: I must represent a lot of people. I actually find her positions appealing in many ways. I just can't stand her.

Are you confused? How does this prove that Sully reads Echidne? Well, suffer no longer, for this is what I wrote a few days earlier about the media's adoration of Jim Webb's SOTU response. The way they were jubilating over finally spotting a manly man Democrat with testosterone dripping out of his every pore:

But I started feeling itchy with some of the things Klein says. Take these comments:

No way Webb could ever pass for effete; he's a guy who always looks as if he's five minutes from his next altercation.


Kerry, whom I've known for many years, was always a different, more awkward guy in public than he was with his Vietnam pals -- and, according to one of his closest Vietnam pals, he'd even stopped being loose with them in private in recent years: "We lost him when he married Teresa."

Eek! Girls have cooties! Well, Klein doesn't put it quite in those words. But there it is.

I wrote it first! Of course I was also only joking and trying to make a valid point. But the point got stolen as tends to be the case. For that Andrew Sullivan will get one of my Cootie Awards: