Saturday, December 02, 2006

Roberts, Alito, Thomas, Scalia,

See, hear, speak and think no evil of industry.
or, Don't bother me with the facts.

Posted by olvlz.

It would be hard to imagine a more serious problem than global warming, the subject of this fact based column by Derrick Z. Jackson.

Just moments after James Milkey, Massachusetts assistant attorney general, opened his statement on how the state "will be hit particularly hard" by rising oceans, Scalia pounced on him with: "I thought that the standing requires imminent harm. If you haven't been harmed already, you have to show the harm is imminent. Is this harm imminent?"

Milkey responded, "It is, your honor. We have shown that the sea levels are already occurring from the current amounts of greenhouse gases in the air, and that means it is only going to get worse as the . . ."

Scalia interrupted again with, "When? I mean, when is the predicted cataclysm?"

Jackson then goes on to point out that the duck-killing "justice" should learn more about his hobby. Will he? It is unlikely. The case will be decided by whatever Anthony Kennedy decides to do. It is entirely possible that the future of the biosphere depends on what he has for breakfast the day the "justices" vote.

In the Globe's Quotes of Note sidebar there is this quote from Al Gore:

"In the arguments, Justice Scalia said, 'I'm not a scientist, I don't want to deal with global warming." I just wish he felt that way about presidential elections."

Also read Jackson's recent columns in an ongoing series about the real Martin Luther King. The great one who really lived, not the innocuous myth.