Friday, December 15, 2006

The Other Side

I sometimes get nasty e-mails from people who hate feminists, and these tend to attribute very odd interpretations to my behavior. Something that Feministe linked to a couple of days ago made it all much clearer to me. If you want to understand what the other side thinks, read the comments thread attached to this post about single women buying houses and apartments.

It's not fun reading as ninety percent of the comments (perhaps by just a few men, though) are extremely misogynistic. But there is learning to be had almost everywhere, even by shifting through crap, and this is what I gained from that thread: The men who most hate or fear women have been personally rejected or damaged in a way which they then attribute to all women. They also tend to take the worst stereotypes of traditional women (seeking a mealticket for life) and the "new" women (seeking to outperform and dominate her partner) and they combine these two into something they view as an actual living creature, called "all women". And this creature is then labeled stupid, too. Interestingly, one commenter there compares women to cars and other gadgets which goes nicely with my earlier post about women as property.

Now, that is misogyny. It wouldn't be surprising to find it on one of those Men's Rights sites, but I was a little startled to see it so freely flowing on a site about real estate.