Thursday, December 14, 2006

On Phill Kline

Does the name sound familiar to you? In that case you might live in Kansas or you may have read about Kline's crucade against abortion. He's the guy who as Attorney General wanted to mine the medical records of women who have had abortions for any potential crime that he might then prosecute. The voters gave him a kick in the butt but the wingnuts had different ideas:

Republican activists chose Attorney General Phill Kline as Johnson County's new district attorney Monday night to replace the Democrat who ousted him from statewide office last month.

The tally among Republican precinct committee members who gathered at a Lenexa church was 316 for Kline to 291 for Steve Howe, who is an assistant district attorney in Johnson County.

In the attorney general's race last month, Kline received just 35 percent of the vote in Johnson County against five-term district attorney Paul Morrison, a former Republican who became a Democrat to challenge Kline for the statewide office.

Despite serving four years as attorney general, Kline has almost no experience prosecuting criminal cases in District Court. But he retained support of many of his fellow conservatives and abortion opponents.

"I'm not new to the cause," Kline said in a speech Monday night before the vote. "I have been tested in leadership, and you know I will stay the course."

And we know what that course is, don't we? The wingnuts are still playing hardball.
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