Friday, December 15, 2006


You may have not noticed it but I've been posting less this week. I found a new addiction, and I hope it's going to be temporary. It is weffriddles. There are probably many similar games on the net, but I usually avoid games because I tend to get hooked so easily.

Anyway, these riddles did nothing for me until Batch 3, but then I got addicted. So I give you the link here to spread the pain. Heh.

Why is problem solving so enjoyable? It shouldn't be. When I have a financial problem I hate to solve it, though I always do. Doing these games reminds me in some ways about the reason why I read so many detective novels at one point in my life: it's a way of channeling various worries and feeling a resolution at the end. Though nothing actually changes, the belief that good endings are possible gets reinforced. Not to mention the vicarious revenge one can experience in detective novels. Or the brain workout, which is always nice.