Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sam Allis, Go Put Your Own Rights To A Vote

Then we can talk about process.

Posted by olvlzl

It’s one of the things that you say and you know there is going to be a fight, liberals, leftists, etc. do not owe anything to “the process”, they do owe something to people.

Having noticed several years ago that conservatives and their media mouthpieces spent an awful lot of time keeping track of whether liberals were hewing fast to the set of scruples that they have determined we are supposed to hew to, it opened the entire question of “the process” to me. Why in the world would anyone care about “the process” except to use as a political tool? “The Process” isn’t a person, it isn’t even particularly well defined. Its definition depends on the courts, the media, the various bureaucrats who have jurisdiction over it. In other words, “the process” is in the hands of people and don’t for a second believe that those people with control of “the process” don’t have their own viewpoints and interests enter into their decisions about it.

You also know that the guardians of The Code of Liberal Ethics, essentially whatever self-defeating stands liberals and leftists can be talked into making on “principle”, are probably not those most interested in equality and justice for all. At least I know it. Why we should ever let them define what we are supposed to do is mystifying. Do they hold themselves to the same standards? No. Never. They are as inconsistent, as unfair as their desires require. The call for liberals to uphold standards of behavior in politics that no other part of the political spectrum have enforced on them is a call for our unconditional surrender.

When the issue is equal rights for a widely hated and discriminated against minority, you bet your marriage certificate we should bypass a popular vote on it. I will guarantee you that if any of the major civil rights laws were put to a referendum we would probably be living under apartheid in large parts of the country today. What kind of liberal puts rules over peoples' basic civil rights? Make that OTHER peoples' basic civil rights.