Friday, November 24, 2006

I Give Thanks For Molly Ivins

She is funny. Here she talks about the way the election results were mysteriously converted into a good thing for the Republicans:

It's time to give thanks, and I want to start off with a great, big thank you for the top American movement conservatives and all the fun we've had since Election Day. I know I promised not to gloat after this election was over, but I'm not talking unseemly gloating—I'm talking about moments so brilliantly hilarious the only option is to put your head down on the desk and howl.

First in line is the wit of The National Review's Kate O'Beirne, who clearly teamed up with Borat to explain the great conservative win. Her explanation is that this is a win for conservatism because a great many of the D's elected are so conservative themselves. She says half of them are conservatives.

She is indeed right. If only twice as many Democrats had been elected, it would have proved that there are twice as many conservatives in the country, and this is clear to any thinking person. We might challenge Ms. O'Beirne to explain how the next Republican win is a victory for liberalism.

The reason that O'Beirne and others are able to accept such an absurdity is because they've been listening to George W. Bush for six years and are thus able to believe six impossible things before breakfast.

Molly Herself gives thanks for Cokie Roberts, though I wouldn't join her there. Roberts is often on at my local NPR station in the morning, usually explaining why wingnut ideas really are quite good ones. If that is what goes for a liberal commentator these days we are truly in a make-believe world. Oh, waitasecond...